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Eye drops for mild to severe dry eye


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What is Dry Eye?

Tears are good;

Tears are good

Healthy eyes have tears to form a protective, lubricating film over their surface

Dry Eye begins;

Dry Eye begins

Dry Eye is when the tear film is insufficient or non-existent

Dry Eye symptoms;

Dry Eye symptoms

As well as dryness, this can cause irritation, stinging and a scratchy or gritty feeling

Need help choosing the right eye care product?

Need help choosing the right eye care product?

Frequently asked questions

We have two dry eye treatments that are compatible with all contact lenses. Hylo-Forte® eye drops for severe or chronic dry eye and post-operative use. Hylo®-Fresh eye drops to improve eye lubrication in eyes that are experiencing persistent dryness.
You should always consult your eye care specialist for a professional opinion, they will be able to perform diagnostic tests to determine your condition. Our product checker may help you choose the right product for you.

No, you do not need a prescription for any of our products. Some of our products are funded, see your healthcare professional for more information.

Preservative and phosphate-free

Other eye drops often use preservatives to avoid contamination of the drops and extend the shelf life, but using preservatives may cause more harm than good and can irritate your eyes even more.
Preservative and phosphate-free

Where to buy


NovaTears, Hylo, Opti-Soothe®, Vita-POS® and Cromo-Fresh products are available at selected optometrists and pharmacies throughout Australia.