About Dry Eye

What is Dry Eye

Dry Eye occurs when the tear film that coats our eyes is insufficient to keep them adequately lubricated.

This could be due to reduced tear production (aqueous deficient dry eye), excessive tear evaporation (evaporative dry eye), or a combination of both. The lack of moisture can lead to a range of symptoms, including irritation of the eye, dryness, stinging and a scratchy or gritty feeling. You may also experience tired eyes, fluctuating or blurry vision and excessive watering.

What is Dry Eye

What causes Dry Eye

The Environment;

The Environment

Exposure to pollution, dust, smoke, pollen, or air-conditioning can cause Dry Eye

Device use;

Device use

Screen use at work with computers or other devices can reduce the frequency of blinking, which dries out the eyes

Medical Conditions;

Medical Conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid problems are more likely to produce Dry Eye symptoms. In rare cases, symptoms could be due to a disease called Sjögren’s Syndrome, which causes the white blood cells to mistakenly attack moisture producing glands



Getting older is another factor in causing Dry Eye. As we age our bodies become less efficient at producing moisture



Antihistamines or decongestants can cause Dry Eye



Females have higher chance of suffering from Dry Eye due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menopause, and oral contraceptives

What helps with Dry Eye

An eye care specialist will be able to tell you what kind of Dry Eye you may be suffering from and if your problem is reduced tear production, excessive evaporation or a combination of both. They will be able to recommend suitable products to alleviate your symptoms.

To help relieve your symptoms, we have a product selector tool to help you match your condition(s) with suitable products.

Reduce any environmental factors that may be causing your Dry Eye.


Take frequent breaks from your screen and blink more frequently


Wear glasses on windy days to reduce evaporation


Monitor indoor humidity


Have a healthy, nutritious diet and keep well hydrated


Quit smoking

Need help choosing  the right eye care product?

Need help choosing the right eye care product?

Where to buy

NovaTears®, Hylo®, Opti-Soothe®, Vita-POS® and Cromo-Fresh products are available at selected optometrists and pharmacies throughout Australia.